Viktors Farmor

Company information

Viktors Farmor is a Danish, family-owned travel agency specializing in group travel with a focus on nature and culture. We have over 25 years of experience with unique group tours all over the world, and we enjoy traveling to the less visited corners of the world and away from the usual tourist routes. Grandma Kirsten and her two sons, Esben and Gudik, are at the head of the travel agency, and we are approx. 20 skilled and dedicated travel enthusiasts in the office. In addition, we have around 100 Danish tour guides associated with our approx. 400 group trips offered annually.

With Viktors Farmor, you travel in smaller groups that offer greater experiences and more flexibility. We have carefully selected our Danish-speaking tour guides, and in addition, tips for both guides and drivers are included in the price.

Viktors Farmor
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