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Exclusive travel usually means luxury and flair, but with us at Áventyrsresor, exclusive means the literal meaning of the word; something that is too few people. And that's exactly what we stand for and have done since the start in 1984 - small group travel to places beyond the main tourist routes. The feeling of sitting a few meters from a pack of lions, gliding across the surface of the sea in hidden coves, hiking on trails over the sugar peaks of the Andes or any other of all our experiences that you share with a few people here and there - that's the exclusive. The meeting with our local guides and the society they live in is a genuinely exclusive experience, far from organized visits created only for tourists. Similarly, our accommodations are exclusive because you stay close to or in the middle of the nature you came to visit, but probably more often in a tent or in an ecolodge than in a hotel room.

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